Important Message for Sagkeeng Band Members.
Monday, March 23, 2020
RE: COVID-19 Preparedness

Effectively Saturday March 21, 2020 the Gaming Centre will be reducing hours of operation. VLT rooms will be open from 12 pm to 12 am ongoing. All customers are asked to sanitize hands upon entry of the VLT room. Only 22 individuals will be allowed in the VLT room at a time. Social Distancing has been implemented. There will be no machine sharing at this time. One person per machine.

For safety concerns, the free coffee will not be available in the VLT room. As well staff will be taking names of customers in the VLT room on a daily basis, this measure is being implemented to be able to track social contacts in the event of an outbreak in the area. Confidentiality will be maintained. Names will only be shared with local Health Departments if needed.

Regarding Purchase Orders and Help for Band Members

Purchase Orders are provided to Social Clients on the reserve on the 15th of each month. This is being misinterpreted by all members. Chief and Council were only providing Emergency Purchase Order on an EMERGENCY BASIS ONLY. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic the amount give on the Purchase Order will not be deducted from their next EIA in April.

We have individuals that are Abusing the Purchase Orders. We are aware of individuals selling their PO’s on social media, those will be reported and will be dealt accordingly. If you are on social assistance on the reserve, please give the Social Office a call at 204.367.2121.

Elders Assistance On-reserve. The Elders are required to contact Chief and Council. Please do not visit the government office. All offices are closed. Listed below are the phone numbers of the councillors:

Chief Henderson @ 204.340.6108
Councillor Lin Dorie @ 204.830.1048
Councillor Tania Bunn @ 204.830.1054
Councillor Henry Swampy @ 204.830.1145
Councillor Dylan Courchene @ 204.830.1325
Councillor Erin Courchene @ 204.830.1389
Councillor John Courchene@204.830.1079

At this time, we won’t be able to assist Community Members Off-Reserve. We are encouraging those living off reserve to utilize the resources and services within their areas. We are aware of EIA is assisting individuals. Programs that are assisting elders; is the Age and Opportunity Program and the Ma Mawi Wi Chi Itata Centre. Some other resources available are at Ndinawe Youth, and again the Ma Mawi Wi Chi Itata Centre are assisting individuals and families.

Listed below are organizations phone numbers that will assist those off-reserve:

Age and Opportunity for Older Adults @ 204-925-0258

Ndinawe Youth -They are providing for a kit for youth to access. Please call or text the outreach cellphone 204-781-2691 after 3 pm.

Ma Mawi Wi Chi Itata Centre Care Sites

McGregor Neighborhood and the Spence Care Site.

There are two sites that individuals and families can be access from the Ma Mawi Wi Chi Itata Service. The Spence Site @ 204-925-0352 and the McGregor @ 204-925-0258. All is welcome, they can assist Seniors as well. This service is open for individuals and families.

Please phone the Intake for information. You can apply for a meal kit, includes a bag lunch, this kit is also based on family size, can also request a hygiene kit for items such as sanitary napkins, soap, toothpaste etc., as well they can provide items such as diapers and wipes. Please call the intake site to access this service.



Traditional Medicine packages will be available for off-reserve members. Please contact Janice Spence on Facebook. Delivering of medicines has begun, we have volunteers delivering in Winnipeg Area. We encourage you to reach out to Janice.

For the On-Reserve Band Members, the traditional medicine that were collected are now being prepared and will be delivered to homes in Sagkeeng. Delivery will take place Friday, Saturday and Sunday. For those interested please contact Hilda Canard or Cheryl Edwards on Facebook.


Our Essential Services are still ongoing. The offices may be closed but staff are taking calls to address any emergency issues.

DPW phone number is 204-367-8095 for issues involving your water supply or delivery, issues with your septic tank or septic field, or concerning water or sewage issues external to your building or any issues concerning garbage pickup.

Housing phone number is 204-367-6010 for any concerns or issues involving toilets, drainage or sewage inside your house. As well as any issues involving electrical, lighting, heating or cooling on the inside of your home.

Mental Health Service’s phone number is 204-367-9990, this service is still available from 10 am to 2 pm from Monday to Friday. Nurses are available, we have 2 nurses on call daily.

Fort Alexander Pharmacy is providing a delivering service for prescriptions, but if you are picking up your own medicines please call ahead of time at 204-367-9990. The pharmacist will meet you at the front entrance for pick up.


The social department will be delivering the income assistance cheques so we do not have large groups of people congregate in one area. We will be announcing on Wolf Fm radio and on the Sagkeeng Facebook page when this will occur.

George M Guimond Care Centre Please contact the carehome at (204)367-2245 before you come to visit your family member. There are protocols that they are to follow due to the vulnerability of our loved ones.


Chief and Council are working on a plan to address the pandemic. As this is an evolving situation, Council are meeting with the directors to continue to revamp the community plan. We will provide any updates in our operations. We encourage band members to continue to access information either Wolf FM Radio, Sagkeeng Bingo/VLT Facebook Page, Sagkeeng First Nation Facebook Page or website for updates. We are monitoring the situation daily and inform you of any changes to our programs and services.



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