Sagkeeng First Nation

Sagkeeng First Nation is located 120 kms North of the City of Winnipeg. It is Unique reserve because it belongs to 3 treaty territories. Also, The Reserve is located on both shores of the Winnipeg River Although the Ojibwe named this area Sagkeeng, which means “mouth of the river” it is listed as Fort Alexander. Sagkeeng selects its Council through the Indian Act Election process. It has one Chief and four Councillors.


The Anishinabe of Sagkeeng who signed Treaty 1 in 1871 were identified as being from Fort Alexander. The area designated to them was called the Fort Alexander Indian Reserve #3. Originally, the Fort Alexander Reserve was to have commenced one mile upstream from the Fort Alexander trading post occupied by the Hudson’s Bay Company. INAC files indicate the Chief and Council requested it be moved to its present location. Had the boundaries not been moved the eastern boundary would have taken in all of Powerview and St. George. The Manitoba Hydro Generating Station would also have been within this boundary.